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Re: Real Advocacy for a change

  • Subject: Re: Real Advocacy for a change
  • From: flatfish+++ <flatfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 13:03:23 -0500
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: mariana.trench
  • References: <moSdnRcj56ALQwrYnZ2dnUVZ_r2onZ2d@comcast.com>
  • Xref: ellandroad.demon.co.uk comp.os.linux.advocacy:474808
On Sun, 31 Dec 2006 10:58:54 -0500, mlw wrote:

> My my my how the "new breed" of COLA residents suck.

This group has become nothing more than a huge SPAM trap.
> about 8 to 10 years ago, COLA was kind of fun. We had the trolls, but even
> the trolls had something to offer. The Linux supporters discussed Linux,
> pros, cons, attributes, failures, and swapped advice on how to accomplish
> something, or rarely, lament something that couldn't yet be done on Linux.
> There are still some old-timers on this group who remember. It was fun. It
> was informative. Now what is it?

Oh they remember alright, but you will NEVER get most of them to admit it.
Old timers like Mark Kent are trying to re-write history in order to
elevate Roy Schestowitz to "God Like" status.
They HAVE to back Roy up and tell stories about how much better this group
is with all the News/RSS feeds (reposted) much of which is offtopic and
against the charter that Roy Culley posts each week.

> (1) It is spammed regularly with news articles.

By the tens of thousands.
And many off topic even stretching it.

What about Doug Mentohls patent posts?
How many of them are actually on topic?

I'm sure there are better groups for that kind of stuff.

> (2) It allows no honest discussion, dare say you have problems with Linux,
> and you are labeled a troll and dismissed regardless of actual content of
> your statement.


It's become a collection of paranoid kooks!
Look at the abuse Kier takes, and he is one of the more reasonable
posters which is why he takes this abuse.

Yet the "Cola gang" can post anything they wish and when challenged they
either back each other up, discredit the person taking exception to their
posts or just run and hide pretending their errors do not exist.

> (3) The wintrolls are starting to sound more reasonable than the
> supposed Linux supporters.

I have to confess that I am starting to become more *nasty* than I have
ever been and I don't really like it. What has made me gradually act this
I'm not really sure, but I feel it has something to do with the absolute
lunacy that is going on with the so called zealots.

I like you, mlw, remember the better days.
Sure there were problems and so forth but the Windows and Linux
supporters at least somewhat respected each others points.
The more reasonable ones, and the group had more of them, at least did.

Fonts were better in Windows.
Stability was better with Linux than Windows 98 or early 2k/xp.
That's the way it was.
Few would argue gaming was better with Windows and server stuff was better
and less expensive with Linux.


Holy mackerel!!!!

Look at the paranoia that is spewing forth from people like Mark Kent, Roy
Culley, Roy Schestowitz and Peter Kohlmann.

Look at the *me too* posts from mindless drones like Willy Poaster.

Look at the one shot and run lies from Roy Schestowitz who hasn't met a
subject line he can't misrepresent.

...and so forth.

> (4) The whole notion of discussion with facts is gone. It is almost
> impossible to make a post without someone ignoring the technical context
> of the discussion and starting a flame war of opinion.

There are little in this group.

Bottom line is if you show that OSX or Windows does something better,
easier and more intuitive you will either be labeled a troll or the
conversation will switch to how Microsoft is a monopoly.

Look at that idiot *7* for example.
All I can say is I'm glad he is on the Linux side of the discussion.
> How many of you supposed "Linux supporters" can say this:
> I have a couple GPL projects available to the general public. I have
> contributed money and time to open source projects like PHP, PostgreSQL,
> and others.
> I have set up multiple web systems (racks at a colo) for clients, on the
> order of 10 (usually many more) computers per system, with load
> balancing, web services, databases, etc. all using open source. I have
> worked on open source software for a number of billion dollar companies.
> I have been using Linux, almost exclusively, since 1995/1996 In the last
> 10 years, I have made my living almost exclusively working on Linux and
> FreeBSD. (Some windows and mac as needed)

In this group?

When would they have time?

> So, if you are thinking of labeling me a "wintroll," you are, of course,
> free to hold any opinion you like, but you would be a fool.

They walk the line with you mlw because the conversations going on behind
the scenes show that you are more of a Linux supporter than a Windows
supporter so they tolerate you.

Around here it's body count = post count that matters.

Why else would they accept known whacks like Doug Mentohl and *7*.

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