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[News] Malaysia and Free Open Source Software

Outlook: Putting Malaysia on open source map

,----[ Quote ]
| Q: What is the best way to implement open source in an
| enterprise environment?
| A: You don't have to go 100 per cent open source. In an
| environment, 80 per cent of the IT expenditure would go to the
| business software such as ERP, SCM, business intelligence,
| reporting tools, etc. This is where open source should be
| targeted at, where you can save the most.


        Maylasia's desire to move to Open Source and Microsoft's lobbying.

Maylasia Open Source Software Alliance Releases Position Statement

,----[ Quote ]
| In a sign that the battle for the hearts and minds of both government
| and business clients is hotting up in Malaysia, the Malaysia Open
| Source Software Alliance has released and Open Statement on
| "Software Nuetrality and Openness".


OS Backers Prod Malaysian Government to Level Playing Field

,----[ Quote ]
| The Malaysian government's adoption of a neutral technology
| platform policy must ensure that a more level playing field
| is established, which benefits the consumers in terms of
| quality of service received and long-term gains, according
| to the newly established Malaysian Open Source Software Alliance (MOSSA).
|        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


BSA all for tech neutrality

,----[ Quote ]
| "On the other hand, even with Microsoft Corp's money and marketing
| muscle behind it, Microsoft Money did not take off as a product andw
| as unable to unseat Intuit's Quicken." 


FOSS Bill Listed For First Public Hearing

,----[ Quote ]
| Listed for November 15th, the hearing by The Committee on Information and
| Communications Technology has invited comment from various stakeholders 
| potentially affected by the bill, including community representatives as 
| well as industry giants Microsoft and Oracle.
`----                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Report: The Business of Free Software

,----[ Quote ]
| In his Nov. 21 column, Conrado Banal said I did not really author the
| bill "Free/Open Source Act of 2006" now pending in Congress. And
| quoting the Business Software Alliance (BSA), he also derided the
|             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| bill as a "prime model of confusion."
| Let me assure him that I authored the bill. My office worked on it for
| four months. It started with a suggestion from FOSS (free/open
| source software) advocates in the Computer Professionals Union
| (CPU). Modeled after the Brazil and Peru FOSS policies, it is the
| result of inputs from various geeks, techies and FOSS
| practitioners--from my two staff who happen to be competent IT
| professionals, IT lawyers in the UP College of Law, members of
| the Philippine Linux Users Group (PLUG), GNU/Linux guru and
| prime advocate Richard Stallman of the MIT-based Free Software
| Foundation, who personally e-mailed his very valuable comments.
| It also contains inputs from the government?s Commission on
| Information and Communications Technology and the International
| Open Source Network of the UNDP.


        Microsoft's anti-Open Source lobbying elsewhere in Asia:

Here it is from a better source

,----[ Quote ]
| About the meeting with Microsoft, he mentioned that he got a request from
|           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula, deputy prime minister. [Note: It seems
| likely that the early meeting with Microsoft was about going to see
| the operation of British e-government.) Dr.Sitthichai said he will
| use his own money and contact British government directly instead.
| For the OLPC project, he asserted that he does not oppose or intend
| cancel the project. This project was initiated during Thaksin's
| government with no financial support plan. Therefore, the government
| does not have budget to support the project. Kamthorn had a chance
| to clarify and talk about the project for a little while. The
| minister said he will bring that up for the next meeting with
| OLPC working group which Dr.Djitt Laowattana serves as a board
| director.


Indian state takes on Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| He said Microsoft executives were seeking to meet the state's chief
| minister this week. Kerala state is a potentially strong market for
| the company, with a population of 32 million and a 90.9% literacy
| rate - far above the national average of 68.4%.


IT Giants Train Students And Faculty of Kerala

,----[ Quote ]
| This program allows universities and colleges to get latest
| Microsoft software available in labs, classrooms, and on student PCs.
| MSDN AA is an annual membership program.The membership allows an
| enrolled student to take home the complete microsoft products,except
| products for office productivity.
| Also Microsoft has offered to asist the universities to customise
| their carriculam and claims that the Microsoft range of products
| are suitable for CS and IT syllabus of Indian universities.Also
| Microsoft has started .Net user groups in cities like Cochin.
| Also Microsoft is selecting student ambassadors from various
| institutions and conducting programming contests.


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