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Re: Links

__/ [John Bokma] on Sunday 12 February 2006 02:57 \__

> "RG" <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Could someone tell me how to go about getting sites to link to me paid
>> or otherwise?
> I used to provide paid link slots on my site (PR7). What kind of site?
> (BTW: instead of abusing nowhere.com use invalid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx )

RG, I agree with John as regards your E-mail address. About links, have a
look the following:


http://geourl.info (they are different)

Their impact factor is low, but they can bring a little traffic. Also
consider directories like DMOZ, in case the relevant categories are still
maintained (unlikely) and your site undoubtedly deserves a place there.

There aren't many ways of accumulating inbound links unless you pay or have
friends with sites that locked in 'energy' (e.g. "Google juice"). Don't
think about automated infiltrative methods (spam), yet bear in mind that you

* sign someone's guestbook if you view and like the site

* leave an on-topic comment in blogs that do not rel="nofollow" links

* have your URL(s) in UseNet signatures, assuming sites mirror the newsgroup
in question.

All are all helpful in the effort to gather links. In due time, as your site
gets more arbitrary traffic, people will link to your site without any
request. It's a chicken-and-egg situation. It has to start somewhere.

Hope it helps,


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