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Re: Firefox 1 and 1.5 (was: site critique please)

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> __/ [John Bokma] on Saturday 11 February 2006 18:45 \__


> First of all, the Firefox installation directory contains a few
> settings like search buttons, which I could easily throw away. The
> interesting stuff is happening in the profile directory, which I
> carefully back up (needed restoration whenever I tried the alphas and
> betas).

Ok, I do the same (backup)
> First of all, the Firefox theme which I created is /not/ compatible
> with 1.5 and I have no intentions of modifying it further, despite the
> fact that it was downloaded/installed by a few hundreds.

Ok, but that's not a reason to stay with 1.0.7 

> That aside, I have about 14 extensions and some of them did not work
> with 1.5 the last time I tried (beta 2, I think). Trying to chase the
> latest of all plug-ins or adapt to changes is a chore I am not
> prepared for, yet.

No need to, Firefox handles that automatically, for quite some time 

> The same arguments apply to Thunderbird, which I have not upgraded to
> 1.5 yet. I took a very careful look (/looks/ even) at what 1.5 has to
> offer and nothing which is listed is either of interest or is not
> currently available to owing to extensions.

Yup, I couldn't see real new things to TB. Some are needed IMSHO, but 
not there. The scam detector is fun, I had it triggered once by a mail 
that came via a form, and was not a scam :-)

> I might as well use this as an opportunity to recommend Thunderbird to
> you. It does to your mail what Firefox does to browsing. Take my word
> for it. 

I have been using TB for years :-D But not for Usenet atm. It lacks too 
many features (same for email, but I can live with that). 

>> Fair enough, yeah, I used the 1.5 beta 1 (or 2) and indeed it was the
>> first time I was sorry for trying out Firefox instead of waiting.
> It wasn't just me then... *smile*

No, I know people who removed it :-)

>> I use 1.5.x.x since it's release, and I haven't encountered problems
>> so far. The update to went extremely smooth on one computer,
>> and failed on an other (it had to fall back to the complete
>> download), but the installation went ok automatically afterward. One
>> keeps wondering why such a thing wasn't there in the very beginning.
> I think I'll give Firefox 1.5 a try. I'll see what it has to offer
> first, other than support for the latest and greatest extensions...

Some security issues have been fixed, and some new ones have been added 
(what else is new :-D).

John                  Freelance Perl programmer: http://castleamber.com/

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