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Re: Windows Vista to Have 50% Market Share?

__/ [Grug] on Saturday 11 February 2006 04:02 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1925173,00.asp
>>         [ One In Two PCs Won't Run Vista's 3D Interface ]
>> "...After years of delays and several feature revisions, one of Vista's
>> main selling points is the Aero Glass interface..."
>> Use this as an argument to migrate people to Linux rather than encourage
>> them to buy a new workstation (accompanies by the 'Microsoft tax').
> I'm running Vista build 5270 CTP.

I hear it's rather unstable -- sufficiently and worryingly unstable as to
justify deferral of the prospective, ever-procrastinated release.

> It's an awesome OS... many people don't realize all of the new kernel
> enhancements and improvements other than the user interface.

Hear, hear!

> Of course, if your graphics card doesn't support the aero glass, you
> can choose other themes... and it is pretty close.

Back to Windows XP then. What did /I/ [hypothetical] spend money on this
upgrade for? Y'all know that every pillar (at least 3 of them), which
symbolised the advantage to using Vista, has been conceded last year.

> Did you know Vista has an *all* new audio stack?  It reduces latencies
> by more than half from XP.

Honestly, I was satisfied with the audio latencies (or lack thereof) in
Windows XP. Next, please.

> Vista has an *all* new network stack with the new 'Compound TCP'
> algorithm that is incredibly faster on networks that have packet loss
> issues (the Internet).

You mean dial-up connections with the countryside? I'm sure that dial-up will
survive in 2006-2008...

> Vista has a lot of kernel improvements for scalability and performance.

Does it have a command-line? is it yet scriptable? Does it have facilities
for cunning multi-tasking and 'distributability'?

> Vista has DirectX 10.0 which is radically improved over 9.0 (which is
> in itself excellent).

I hear that Vista also penalises OpenGL.


Help us by signing the petition, Greg.

> I've got a Mac as well (Mac Mini with 1GB :), and it's very true that
> MS has copied some features from OSX.  However, having said that, the
> features that were copied seem to be a lot better implemented... (as
> you would expect having the advantage of copying and being able to
> refine).

Microsoft have always copied from Apple. And yet, Apples are said to be more
user-intuitive. They are also more stable and secure. 'Nuff said.

> Anyways, Vista is going to be awesome... it already is really.  Just
> wait and see.

I am through waiting. It would be surprising if it was ever released before
Christmas. Updates to ungracefully plaster severe flaws are due to arrive by
New Years Eve if so. Just like that well-known chorus that Sig alluded to.

__/ As a correction, [Sig Sauer] added on Saturday 11 February 2006 04:52 \__

> Sorry Roy, my last post was aimed at Grug.
> Sig

It makes perfect sense now. *smile*

Best wishes,


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