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Re: Help with meta tags

__/ [chris.holub@xxxxxxxxx] on Sunday 12 February 2006 12:04 \__

> Ok first thing is the site is made with PHP and CSS and it was already
> made and I have been editing it as I like so far. It's one of those
> pixel advertising sites and I want to get some meta tags in it and I
> found in the script where it goes I guess but I dont want to mess
> anything up. Here is where I think it goes.
> <meta name="description" content="{scal:w_description}" />
> Now what I want to add is something like this.
> <meta name="keywords" CONTENT="pixel advertisement, pixel, quarter,
> marketing, idea, entrepreneur,  advertising,  marketing pixels, pixel
> ads, flash games, funny pictures, funny videos, pixel forum, pixel
> blog, pixel faq, pixel questions and anwsers, top pixel advertisements,
> alexa top pixels sites, top pixel sites, top 100 pixel sites, million
> dollar, million, million dollar homepage, ad, free pixel advertising,
> pixel advertising your image, pixel home page, advertising pixel image,
> advertising million pixel, advertising one dollar pixel home page,
> advertising, pixel art ">
> Problem is I dont know what ="{scal:w_description}" means and if my
> meta tags go before this after it or what.
> My site is http://www.getitclicked.com
> Thanks,
> Chris


My  sister asked me a similar question a couple of weeks ago. Keywords are
irrelevant  and will only affect people who decide to view the page source
or  Web  sites whose role is to collect this data and provide some  public
information  about your site (few of these exist). As an alternative, con-
sider  having  "<b>keyword:</b>", followed by a succinct,  comma-separated
description  of the content. This /might/ help, but search engines  prefer
to judge for themselves nonetheless.

The  case  where  many keywords are stuffed into the  meta  and  projected
through other Web sites could (just /could/) lead to relevance through an-
chor  text  (or word proximity rather). Crawlers ignore the keyword  meta,
which  is unreliable as it can be misused. It is often a greedy  spam-like
description that contains repetitions and thus poorly reflects on the page
context -- that which is viewable to the reader.

That  last  analogy is reminiscent of the case where JavaScript  redirects
are  exploited to create doorway pages -- a false reflection of site  con-
tent  that is aimed purely at search engined optimisation and good  place-
ment in search results.

Hope it helps,


PS - Please remember to quote if/when replying. Google Groups Beta will
discourage you from doing that.

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