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Re: Linux and OSX Inspiration

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [TheLetterK] on Sunday 12 February 2006 19:19 \__

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [B Gruff] on Sunday 12 February 2006 13:02 \__

On Sunday 12 February 2006 09:07 Roy Schestowitz wrote:


When Linux gets inspired by Mac OS X - Yoc - 02:43:28

"...But the biggest surprise is the new graphic interface which uses
OpenGL to create effects which you are all too familiar with, like
window transparency, switching desktops using a large rotating cube, or
creating a thumbnail view of a window."

Videos included as well. I can't say I agree with the article (e.g.
http://freshmeat.net/projects/3ddesktop/ predates it), but it's worth a
read. It's very short too.
Looks good, but are you sure that we should be watching them?
Problem is, I use SUSE, and according to some (was it tab and Bailo?) in
this group, I can't do that, can I?  Should I admit to having seen them
or not, Uncle Roy?

Confused (U.K.)
I was thinking the same thing over breakfast, but Novell have a commitment
to keeping their SuSE-related projects open to the public. xgl support and
the  rest  of the eye candy must propagate onto SuSE and OpenSuSE  in  due
time. It is rather easy once code and rigorous testing have been put in.

That  said,  I already get all of these goodies apart from  the  revolving
cube,  which  I find disturbing from a pragmatic point-of-view  (3ddesktop
and  metisse [1] would have the same impact). For example, when I wants to
move  to Desktop 8 (KNode), for example, why would I choose to see an ani-
mation rather than have the region of interest appear within milliseconds?
You could argue that translucency plays a certain role and likewise thumb-
nail  view, which has been available for ages (e.g. KasBar which is becom-
ing  more  consistent in terms of rendering). Certtain things  have  their
place only in demos [2].
Well, you can adjust the speed it takes to make the transition, if it
bothers you, but there is one overwhelming advantage to
3ddesktop--desktop browsing. If you're trying to juggle 10 windows, it's
very helpful to see readable thumbnails of all of them arranged so you
can see the content. The cube animation is sort of useless, but some of
the carousel animations are very helpful. There's nothing keeping you
from using traditional methods of desktop switching, it just adds
another way to view them. Well, if it's using normal 3ddesktop.

I understand what you say, but for previews you already have kpager (or the like), which has become quite flexible and sophisticated (GNOME is still behind slightly). You can choose whether you want to see just an applications map, a full picture with iconic applications or even applications as pixmaps. Essentially, you have a good overview, which tells you what foes on and where.

But it's too small to be *readable*. That's fine if you've got several very different desktops, but it's hard to distinguish between two desktops with similar content. Fullscreen desktop paging gives you enough space to be able to display those thumbnails so that one might be able to read them. It also takes up less space on the taskbar, since you just need a normal button rather than a strip of desktop thumbnails. What's more, 3ddesktop doesn't need the application in question to actually support pager thumbnails. You lose a few milliseconds for desktop transitions *when you use the 3d pager*, but in exchange you get more usable screen or taskbar space.

Sorry to cite my own URL again, but have a look at the bottom of < http://schestowitz.com/introduction.htm >. This shows the pager in almost real time. I am not using that computer at the moment, but you can get a rough idea of that's running over there, as can I. I have the pager displayed at the bottom-right (see above image) all the time, so what would be the point of animating transitions?

So you could distinguish more easily between similar desktops? So you wouldn't have to waste so much screenspace with a desktop pager?

Shadow casting likewise. I have it
enabled at the moment and it only slows down interaction with the windows
(it devours CPU cycles really badly)

Xgl should offload that work to the GPU.

 while serving no practical benefit
other than flash.

Properly implemented shadows do have a benefit--they can help to establish the topmost window more forcefully, without really sacrificing anything.

If the O/S was called Vista, that would perhaps be

"There is nothing I understand." - Shit

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