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Re: SE's vs Screensizes

__/ [Timmermans] on Sunday 12 February 2006 17:34 \__

> Do Google or any other major SE keep track of the screensize used?

Yes, they could. Google can track workspace size using Urchin (Google
Analytics), assuming surfers permit scripts to be run. If your question is
intended to be "can they check the suitability to different screen sizes?",
the answer is "roughly" and, in reality, it would be "no".

I actually pondered this question earlier this afternoon. William Tasso at
AWW mentioned PDA users being the second-class citizens of the Web. Some
time in the past I thought about the possibility of PDA-optimised or
mobile-friendly search engines. Accessibility is a related issue. Such
engines would need to run a few quick and dirty tests to assess the extent
to which screen sized are supported. That leads to a certain scoring factor.

In due time, people will require such an engine (or engines). It might be
wise to be among the sites whose layout is liquid and usability is admired
by PDA users.

> I'm thinking to switch my site from a 800x600 optimised layout to 1024x768.

So my parents and grandparents are not people? *smile*

> Thanks,
> Steven

Best wishes,


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