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Re: Google Applications are Coming to Linux

__/ [John Bailo] on Tuesday 14 February 2006 06:22 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> "Goobuntu is our internal desktop distribution.
> Google throws up a lot of flak and a lot of noise, but bottom line -- they
> are failing at their core business, and its a real tragedy on Wall Street.
> Their whole model of paid advertising just isn't working right.  They can't
> expand it and my impression is that people are just not seeing results.
> However, my own person experiment with "Ad Sense" told me that way in
> advance.   I used "Ad Sense" on my blog.   I wrote an entry that mentioned
> pizza...and guess what, they put an ad for pizza in -- for a pizza parlor
> in Minneapolis.
> Ok, what are the odds that of the 20 people that read my blog, one of them
> was in Minneapolis and hungry for a pizza that night?
> See -- Google just doesn't work.   It's destined to fail.

Were you not raving about Google some time in the past? You seem to be
swinging from one side to another. Apropos, you recently said that Google
were stealing public money.

An analyst predicted a 50% drop for GOOG this morning, but in spite of that,
remember where the stock was hovering back in 2003. Contextual ads still
perform badly, I agree. There's not enough crawling power to keep up with
millions of /blogs/ (thus linear), whose front page repeatedly changes. If
you have a better idea, make a suggestion.

Best wishes,


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