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Re: Metatag Keyword Question

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 10:06:33 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [Who Turned Off The Lights?] on Tuesday 14 February 2006 08:18 \__
>> On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 07:45:21 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:


>>> If you thought /that/ was bad, lookie here (breaking news):
> http://www.adrants.com/2006/02/microsoft-faces-obstacles-over-vista-welc.php
>>> "Microsoft's new OS Vista "Welcome Center" screen, seen by all PC users
>>> when they start their computers, will display ads. Because that practice
>>> has caused complaints, the company is facing trouble from the U.S.
>>> Department of Justice as well as states attorneys general who are
>>> considering legal action. A report was filed last Wednesday with the judge
>>> handling Microsoft's antitrust compliance."
>> Hmmm, could it be Microsoft's dire and tired attempts at catching up with
>> Google's treasure-troves of advertising translated into mega-money?
>> Naaaaah, I say it's Good 'Ole Bill's inability to get a woody unless
>> someone whispers "antitrust" and "class action suit" in his ear every other
>> year.
> Well, in this particular circumstance, I couldn't care less about the
> /impact/ of the strategy. My intent, nonetheless, is to give people another
> yet illustration of how Microsoft misuses the desktop monopoly. Let reality
> drive them away.

Once I finally get another machine here then I can afford to try something
new. I'd do it just for the experience. :-)
> I never log into Windows machines, so the move above affects me not. This is
> by all means different from moves that break crossover applications and
> cripple communication (both formats and protocols) with Open Source
> appliances, which often reside in the same enivironment or server room.
> Colleagues and friends who still use Windows will simply be penalised through
> forced propaganda and unwanted logon delays. I sometimes think of Internet
> Explorer and the poor state of Windows security as collective punishment,
> which I try hard not to let myself be bothered by. It puts many Open Source
> advocates in a position of considerable advantage.

So Roy, what'd be the opposite of FUD as it applies to this?

> Google's 'crimes' are fewer, but their history is shorter. I suggest you read
> the following at your leisure time:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FUD
Thanks for the link Roy. It looks okay written out but in the spoken word
'Fear Mongering' works alot better for me. :-)

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