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Re: Linux-Powered Mobile Phone from Palm

__/ [Ray Ingles] on Tuesday 14 February 2006 21:10 \__

> On 2006-02-14, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> PalmSource reveals Linux mobile phone OS plans
>  I like Palms, they have good apps for a PDA form factor, and they work
> well with Linux. The main lack is multitasking, but with Linux under it
> that should be pretty easy to work with.
>  (Technically, the PalmOS runs on top of a realtime OS for 68K
> processors - I think it's called AMX. But the license Palm got didn't
> allow them to expose more than one thread to user apps. Linux wouldn't
> have such a restriction...)

I  have  just realised that you are active in the Palm newsgroups. It's  a
small world after all!

Much  of the development on Palm O/S was probably put on hold due to  that
promised  Linux migration. When people said Palm was dying, I argued  that
it was preparing the next best thing.

Finally,  multi-tasking and seamless synchronisation and integration  with
Linux  can  be  expected. Backward compatibility is the  one  factor  that
should  be  very worrisome. Tapping patterns that one has adapted to  over
the  years is irreplaceable. I guess one could always emulate the old  PIM
applications atop PACE.

Think of the million of existing Palm users, who will be indirectly be in-
troduced  and  exposed to Linux. They will use Linux on a daily basis  (as
they already do with Web and mail servers) and fancy what they see. In due
time,  they  might  wish to make their desktop look and behave  more  like
their PDA (notice the reversal of roles with Windows and WinCE).

I  still  wonder how this affects the Nokia Internet tablet and their  De-
bian-based O/S...

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