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Re: Vista to Help Linux Boost

__/ [becco] on Wednesday 15 February 2006 09:57 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> A new Vista on Linux
>> "With Linux continuing its struggle to convince the world's businesses
>> that it's a viable Windows alternative, David Braue asks if the pending
>> release of Windows Vista could finally provide the boost it's been waiting
>> for."
> "More than five years ago the launch of Microsoft Windows XP -- and its
> considerably improved features and reliability compared with Windows 98 and
> 2000"
> I don't agree, Win2000 is the best MS OS to date.

I would argue that Tiger is the best O/S to date. It is expensive though and
it rarely gives freedom (as in freedom to change and/or customise) to its

> The only real gripes I have with windows 2000 is that it's too vulnerable
> to spyware and viruses, that it needs a firewall to survive on the net for
> more than 45 seconds, and that it lacks a little graphical consistency
> between apps. I'm used to KDE where every KDE app has the same general look
> and feel, unlike many windows apps that become very "creative" in his
> respect.

iTunes, for instance? Or bloatware like the variety of JRE-based P2P?

> If it didn't have these problems it could be considered a viable
> alternative to linux. At least for me.
> Ciao
> Marcello

Widgets as the main factor? Is it not all about functionality? To me, a major
Windows deterrent is the inability to script, schedule and make everything
secure and robust (stability). It's not a matter of zeal. Linux has it all,
except games.


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