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Re: SuSE ADSL Modem

__/ [MR!DAMIAN JOHNSTON] on Wednesday 15 February 2006 17:14 \__

> i am pissed off with all the viruses that i get on microshaft xp pr and hav
> since aquired suse 10.0 most thing i can do but the networking end baffles
> me.
> would any of you nice ppl be able to help me set up my modem,it is a zoom
> telephonics pci adsl modem.
> i went to zooms website and they dont have a driver for linux.
> i believe it uses the conexant access runner chip set.
> thanks in advance :o)
> damyjuk

Such  modems  should often be (/are) detected automatically by  the  Linux
kernel,  either at startup or at installation time. If your modem does not
appear to comminicate with the PC, I suggest you first ensure that you are
not  connected via a router (i.e. simplify matters). Then, Go to YaST (an-
other route is Control Center -> Hardware) and find out if a modem/DSL de-
vice  was detected. If not, attempt to install one and select a match  (if
existent)  from the list. The SuSE CD's should contain plenty of  drivers,
which might suit your hardware.

Failing  that, you might have to run a few quick tests to see if your sys-
tem can detect the modem and what gets returned when it probes the device.
I  will leave that aside for now as I believe it can be sorted out through
the   user-friendly   graphical  user  interfaces.  Also   remember   that
system/hardware setup is a one-time peril, if not all works perfectly 'out
of the box'.

Best wishes,


PS - subject line re-written. It was unhelpful to the readers of the groups.

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