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Re: AdSense sensing, Google ignoring?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [Harlan Messinger] on Wednesday 15 February 2006 17:29 \__

For several days I've had content-relevant Google AdSense ads displaying
on my web pages. But Google returns nothing for searches that match one
or another of my pages. I understand that when you submit a URL for
indexing there's no telling how long it will take before they get to it,
but the fact that the AdSense is working means that they've done it
already, so why are the ignoring it for searches?

Being a part of the Google advertising programme does not warrant indexing
and  good ranking for your pages (arguable though). Pages are scanned  for
patterns  in order for ads to be determined 'off-line' and delivered  upon
demand.  However,  would Google just store information which is a  pairing
between  page  (URL) and ads, or would it also cache the page and its  en-
tirety  and  add it to the search results index? The latter could lead  to
search  engine  poisoning because AdSense is often susceptible to  use  by
spammers (yet Google review sites before acceptance).

Either way, as my answer is so poorly-constructed,

Not at all, I followed you this far. :-) Thanks.

> the point to make is
that  having contextual ads is /one/ thing. Scoring high in Google or even
getting pages to show up is an entirely different matter.

I wasn't expecting any particular ranking, just inclusion.

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