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Re: Ctrl+Shift+C no longer doing what it used to

  • Subject: Re: Ctrl+Shift+C no longer doing what it used to
  • From: news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 15 Feb 2006 10:56:58 -0800
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] on Wednesday 15 February 2006 15:36 \__
> > When I was using every other desktop except KDE, Ctrl+Shift+C worked in
> > gnome-terminal to copy the selected text to buffer.
> >
> > When I switched to KDE, that key combination for some reason brings up
> > the Kopete chat window.
> >
> > I checked the Control Center and Kopete does not have a keyboard
> > shortcut asigned to it.
> > Also in keyboard settings, Ctrl_Shift+C combination is not set
> > anywhere! Not schemes, commands, global, or application shortcuts.
> >
> > gnome-terminal has that combination set to copy still.
> >
> > What in the world?
> > Any suggestions would be helpful. =)
> > Liam
> Are you running xbindkeys or any other script/program that affects X? This
> may be happening without your awareness. In KDE, all shortcuts are globally
> centralised and are globally valid, although some are application-specific
> and require that the particular application grabs focus.
> Is the above observation a rant? By all means, I find the keyboard
> accelerators mechnism in KDE to be far more flexible (and thus powerful)
> than that which I have in GNOME (I use Ubuntu several times a week). Have
> you looked at the settings under Kopete yet? Is it active in the background
> and accessible from the system tray (Windows terminology)?
> Hope this leads somewhere, despite being a shot in the dark.
> Roy

Thanks for the reply!
Well I ran
ps aux | grep key
and it didn't come up with anything, so I don't know if I'm running
anything like that.
Yeah, Kopete is running, but if it's not, Ctrl+Shift+C does nothing at
I looked in Kopete settings, and that key combination doesn't exist for
anything, and I looked back at the Control Center for the application
shortcuts, and Kopete has nothing assigned to it.

Well, this is stupid. I just went into gnome-terminal and changed it's
keyboard shortcuts from the default to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V and all is
well. =/
Shouldn't have wasted the electrons asking about this, and done that to
begin with.

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