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Re: searching google...

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> replied:
> I don't think there are many participants in this newsgroup, so I
> suggest you subscribe to alt.internet.search-engines where this
> could definitely start an elaborate discussion.

Well, I wasn't so much interested in a big discussion. Was just looking
for some ways to get Google to work for me instead of against me.
On the other hand... if you're interested in such, and if we could get
someone from Google to participate, that would be great.

I just ran into another problem that might work well into the discussion.
It involves Google working against me instead of for me and although
I thought little of it, the first thing that came to mind, involved replying
here first.

The new problem I ran into involves typing the following into the
Google Search textbox control (groups tab)...

  group:comp.lang.php "Jim Carlock" apache_

That turns up nothing. However, if you type the following into the
textbox control...

  group:comp.lang.php "Jim Carlock" apache_lookup_uri

you end up with what I initially wanted to find. Dropping the under-
score and searching only for the word __apache__ (drop the
double-underscoring) works as well, but because the word apache
was used multiple times in that particular thread it doesn't qualify
for the last test.

Pardon me for this jibberish... __searchengineoneohone__.

> Searching the web will reveal more on issues pertaining to
> punctuation in modern search engines (filenames, for example,
> are a good analog as spaces are ambiguous). There are many
> issues associated with such an approach. I am sure that after
> shallow thinking, they begin to become apparent to a
> programmer.

I agree. Thanks for the comments.

Jim Carlock
Post replies to the group.

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