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Re: Ten Reasons to Buy Windows Vista, Five Things That Will Give You Pause

  • Subject: Re: Ten Reasons to Buy Windows Vista, Five Things That Will Give You Pause
  • From: Robert Newson <ReapNewsB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 13:46:06 GMT
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:

__/ [Robert Newson] on Sunday 19 February 2006 00:24 \__


"1. Security, security, security: Windows XP Service Pack 2 patched a lot
of holes, but Vista takes security to the next level. There are literally
too many changes to list here, from the bidirectional software firewall
that monitors inbound and outbound traffic...

MS innovates ipfw/ipchains/iptables...

"Perhaps most crucial (and least sexy) is the long-overdue User Account
Protection, which invokes administrator privileges as needed...

MS innovates sudo...

"2. Internet Explorer 7: IE gets a much-needed, Firefox-inspired

MS innovates browser features...

"...IE7 on Vista will run in what Microsoft calls "protected mode"--a
limited-rights mode that prevents third-party code from reaching your
system. It's about darn time.

Last sentence says it all.

"Pay that piper: ...it'll cost $100 or more to make the switch...you may be
better off saving the money for something else.

I'd suggest a Linux distro

"Where's my antivirus?: For all the hype about security in Windows Vista,
users may be disappointed to learn that antivirus software will not be part
of the package...

MS innovates security enough that viruses can't run and so anti-virus is unnecessary...

"Watch that hourglass: Vista is a power hog...
"Curse the learning curve: ...it took me almost five minutes to find the
Run command, which used to show up right in the Start menu..."

And Windwos is so *intuitative* enough that people don't need to train for it, or be retrained for the latest version - like switching to *nix would require...

The author is clearly biased.

You don't say...his final comment on reason 2 /TO get/ Vista rather gives the game away.

                              Rather than speaking about reasons to buy
Windows Vista to _replace OSX or Linux_, only _Windows is as an upgrade_ has
been contained in terms of scope.

And his 5 reasons not to go for Vista are excellent reasons to switch /from/ a version of Windwos to something else.

His particular comment about struggling to find the "run" command on the "Start Menu" is particularly telling to/about MS and it's TCO comments about people having to retrain to use Linux. It looks like there's going to be retraining costs in upgrading to Vista.

PS - I ought to have mentioned in my last paragraph that Windows Vista
proved, in many among these points, only plays catch-up with competitors.
Should that not provide a clue?

Perhaps I should have made my comments about his...^_^

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