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Re: Banned from Google or something wrong

__/ [ BT ] on Wednesday 22 February 2006 11:33 \__

> Hi all

Hi BT,

> in a past 6 months I was checking the organic ranking of a web site . The
> site is in lodging industry in Europe and it was ranked on first pages of
> Google and Yahoo organic search for a few important keywords.
> The AdWords was used for first 2-2.5 months and it was ranked on top for
> most important keywords.

If you are liaising with AdWords, then surely you will be ranked well.
Moreover, new sites are said to be well-ranked at the start, as some sort of
a 'grace period'. Some would deny the existence of such 'sandboxes', but I
actually saw it happening a few weeks back when I added a new page to a
very, very dire and static search engine results page.

> Now when I check the ranking, of web site, on organic search on Google and
> Yahoo, it has dissapeared or is on 10th-15th page search page. In the mean
> time nothing was changed on the pages , not much content added (it is a
> description and reservation pages of a hotel).

It sounds as though the above observation is a plausible cause.

> My question is: is it possible that someone is doing something againist
> this site and that Google is banning the site or just gives bad rankin in
> organic searh for importang keywords? Is it possible that the competition
> is doing something bad (or just not enough positive or new content added on
> site) ???

If Google bans a site, it's banned. It's inexistent and requires a
re-inclusion request to ever appear among the search results again. I think
the key questions are: have you been using organic content, which is not
intended for human readers? This could lead to penalties and give backing to
abuse reports from your competitors.

> Thanks all

Many things are possible and giving us the URL and the key phrases would be
helpful. *smile*

Best wishes,


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