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Re: Partitioning Plan

  • Subject: Re: Partitioning Plan
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 11:18:49 +0000
  • Newsgroups: uk.comp.os.linux
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [ Geoffrey Clements ] on Sunday 26 February 2006 07:32 \__

> Sunday wrote:
>> Linux newbie here. I plan to install Mandriva 2006; I have all 3 CD's.
>> I wish to run a dual-boot system with Windows ME.
> Welcome!

Good start. For any Linux newbie, a dual-boot system is the right choice.
Many make the mistake of wanting too much too quickly, which in turns could
drive them away. When you are done with Windows ME and feel comfortable with
Mandriva, you will be able to reclaim that space from the Mandriva GUI'.s.

>> Intended use : 1 user; normal desktop; minimal (if any) games; no
>> programming; no server; KDE preferred; MP3 downloads & play; general
>> internet surfing.

There is no harm in having too much (no Registry bloat, thus no performance
penalty). However, having seen Mandriva 2006, I believe you will have the
option to strip off some bits at installation time.

>> Currently (pre-Mandriva), my 40 Gb hard-disk is split into 2 partitions
>> (both FAT32), like this -
>> C: (5Gb) ---- D: (35Gb)
>> (I run a very compact ME installation).
> Yes you do :-)

Separation between O/S core and data is a useful one. It pays off in the long
run if you intend to image some partition, e.g. for backup purposes.

>> I'm thinking of using the Windows program 'Partition Magic' to grab some
>> space (8 Gb) from D: and create/format a new Linux partition(s) between C:
>> & D:, above, prior to the Mandriva installation, and I'll use the "Use
>> Existing Partitions" choice during the install. Can someone comment on the
>> advisability of this partitioning plan? -
>> Windows C: (hda1 - 5 Gb) ---
>> /swap (hda5 - 512 Mb) ---
>> / (hda6 - 5 Gb) ---
>> /home (hda7 - 2.5 Gb) ---
>> Windows D: (hda8 - 27 Gb)

Bear in mind or rather assume that your files stored in your Windows
filesystem (NTFS) will be accessible from Mandriva (readable), but not
writable. You could make this relationship reciprocal only if you use tools
such as:

  * http://p-nand-q.com/download/rfstool.html

  * http://yareg.akucom.de/index.html#DOWNLOAD

Be fully aware of the direction in which data will be able to flow later.
This may become crucial if you slowly migrate data and free space in one
direction or another.

>> I've read about others having /boot, and /usr partitions (etc) too. Do you
>> suggest I think of making them as well? Are the sizes I've assigned to the
>> ones I've got OK? Is what I plan to do OK?! I'm open to any
>> other/alternative suggestions.

If you are a single user on that machine, I suspect you may be
overcomplicating matters.

> There is an element of preferences in all this, from what you've said
> you're not doing anything critical so your partitioning plan and sizes look
> ok, others will probably disagree; it's all down to how easy you want to
> recover from disasters.  2.5Gb may be small for /home if you want lots of
> mp3s.  How much RAM do you have? You may consider adding more swap space -
> 2 X RAM is often recommended but is not /required/ with recent kernels. Do
> Mandriva make any recommendations?

On the subject of MP3's, they can be played directly from NTFS, which can
serve as a (hopefully temporary) storage area. I concur with Geoffrey on the
RAMx2 rule.

> Before you dive into this I recommend you have a rescue plan like using a
> live cd such as Knoppix or a rescue floppy such as tomsrtbt (I always have
> both close to hand).

Fortunately, I have never had to use any rescue/live CD. Be reluctant in
implying that things can go awry because they rarely do. Either way, the
Ubuntu Live CD can be valuable in case of emergency data recovery, e.g.
pulling out data via SCP (secure copy).

Best wishes and good luck,


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