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Re: COMPAQ Presario 919EA: CPU-Cooler runs constantly. How to change mode?

__/ [ Dennis Pogson ] on Sunday 26 February 2006 18:10 \__

> FVA wrote:
>> Hallo,
>> I'm using a Notebook COMPAQ Presario 919EA (OS: Windows XP).
>> Usually the CPU-Cooler only runs for a short time. But after I
>> 'cleaned' the Windows registry the cooler now runs _constantly_
>> (which bothers me in the long run).

It sounds as though you tinkered with the process that sends the signal to
the motherboard. If you cannot revert it to the older state, I don't believe
that BIOS would have any serious effect. It sounds like a 'getaway answer'
if you ask me.

>> I asked HP Support:
>> They recommended to install the latest BIOS udate for the
>> Presario 919EA (Phoenix 0F0B, 11 / 25 / 2003, SMBIOS-Version 2.3).
>> I did, but this hasn't fixed the problem: The CPU-Cooler still buzzes
>> all the time.
>> BTW: The ventilation slots of my notebook are clean.

I have a Presario as well and I can recall that at one time (over a year ago)
the fan began to misbehave, which was a nuisance. Whether it was due to CPU
load or an improperly-set Registry, I don't know. There was definitely some
rogue process involved. It happened after I had installed some Sony digital
camera software, which seriously damaged the Registry. So, I assume a
process /could/ be running, which motivates this behaviour.

>> Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
>> How can I change my CPU-Cooler into the old 'periodic' cooling-mode?
>> Kind regards,
>> Ferdinand (Hamburg, Germany)
> You could try downloading SpeedFan software from
> www.computeractive.co.uk/2149628 and installing.

That sounds like an excellent solution. On the other hand, if the fan is
operated in accordance with heat sensors, limiting the ventilation might be
slightly dangerous. It could lead to melting, so it's worth monitoring the
system and find out what is going on...

Best wishes and good luck,


PS - Dennis, no intent to step on your toes there. I just wanted to add more
possibilities to consider.

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