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__/ [ Els ] on Monday 27 February 2006 06:48 \__

> trevor wrote:
>>> The fact that this particular reader/poster is Trevor, who should know
>>> much better by now, can be seen without looking at the headers ;-)
>> i am not the OP. my newsreader makes it easy to see what thread i'm
>> responding to. terribly sorry for any confusion, hope i've caused no
>> irreprable damage.
> I know you are not the OP. You are the person who replied without
> quoting what you replied to, who was made aware of that with 'what are
> you replying to', and who then did it again. You are here long enough
> to know that that is not good, no matter what system you use for
> yourself.
> Fact remains that plenty of us don't remember the previous posting in
> a thread when we read the reply.

Regular readers rarely nag about other people's posting habit, but pointing
out recurring mistakes is often an attempt to help. Everyone loves followups
to self and good posting habits can do *magic*.

> Just to spell it out once more (not just for you - for anyone who's
> thinking quoting isn't necessary:
> a) we may never have read the previous post (for several reasons)
> b) we may have read the previous post 2 days ago.
> c) we may read 30+ groups with 200+ messages per hour, and therefore
> not recall every single post.
> d) we may not be using threaded view of Usenet messages, making it
> very difficult to even remotely recognize what a message is about.

..or (e): a combination of all the above. I embraced threaded view a couple
of years ago merely in order to survive in busy groups with several hundreds
of new messages per day. Without (d), such groups are a no-go area. Then
there's the issue of flagging, symbols, colours, cascading/folding views
and... filters. (not directed at anyone specific) Ignore netiquette and your
message will be less likely to be read, let alone be visible.

> If you don't want to be thoughtful of other people reading Usenet for
> information, why don't you just attach a warning to your subjectlines:
> subject:[I don't quote] Re:......
> That way we can all just ignore you instead of needing to remember
> that this or that person doesn't quote.

Tough girl. *smile* I wonder how long it takes you to drive away in
humiliation some folks at the helpdesk. (just joking here...)

With friendly regards,


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