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Re: Is Dell Embarrassed About Linux?

__/ [ Rex Ballard ] on Tuesday 28 February 2006 06:53 \__

> Dell has a contract with Microsoft.  I don't know the exact contract
> with Microsoft, but if it's like most OEM contracts, it gives Microsoft
> final approval rights over all ads, marketing, and any other use of the
> Microsoft logo and trademarks.  It also limits the activities of the
> telephone sales people who call into the number for ordering Windows
> computers.
> Perhaps Dell has a different telephone number for selling Linux
> computers.
> It's a bit like there's a legal "Wall" between the two organizations.
> Dell can sell Linux machines, but they have to provide their own
> advertizing and that advertizing can make NO mention of Windows.  But
> even this seems to be getting relaxed as the Linux environments seem to
> be focused on Linux can now list Windows.
> Dell is pushing, and Microsoft is giving ground.  It's a delicate
> dance, in which Microsoft must give far more in order for Dell to
> survive as a company.

If Dell made the choice to invest in and offer Linux, I believe the plan is
for a staged, gentle phasing. Perhaps Linux offers will sooner or later
percolate to the front page. The question is: which will the chair break the
camel's back and lead to tensions?


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