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Re: Linux Adoption Barriers

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [ Tim Smith ] on Monday 27 February 2006 22:19 \__
>> In article <dtvcbv$265c$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Roy Schestowitz quoted:
>>> "People reject Linux desktops for illogical reasons, says IT 
>>> consultant
>>> and developer Jono Bacon. For example, they fault Linux OpenOffice
>>> desktops for not having all the features in Microsoft Windows 
>>> Office, even
>>> though few actually use all of the Microsoft stuff. So, in essence,
>>> they're saying they want desktops cluttered with unnecessary 
>>> features."
>> What he's missed is that one person's unnecessary feature is another
>> person's indispensable feature.
> Give an example. The majority of users out there use Word, but not 
> much
> beyond this. Name a feature that an average user relies on in Word and 
> will
> not have in OpenOffice 2 Writer.

You are ignoring the fact that MS Office is a lot more than Word and 
Excel.  Word processing and spreadsheets are fairly common and becoming 
passé today.  You have to have full features, but nothing much changed 
from versions gone by.  MS Office in my company provides the SharePoint 
and Exchange connections and the Outlook calendar and contact features 
are used constantly.  Does OO do any of that?  If not, most companies 
would not use it regardless of price. 

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