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Re: Hey Roy, Gates reveals his 'Urge'

__/ [WhoTurnedOffTheLights] on Thursday 05 January 2006 05:26 \__

> Okay, not entirely SE related but quickly reminiscent of recent Google Box
> Rumors.

"Rumors" is the right term to use. *smile* The Register has just published:


  "Google has quashed a rumour that it plans to enter the ultra low-margin PC
  business. The denial will surprise few given the speculative nature of the
  original LA Times piece that made the Google PC claim."

> http://money.cnn.com/2006/01/04/technology/ces_gates/

His words were mentioned by almost every news site. No doubt he intends to
rule the entertainment sector and rival companies like Sony BMG, as well as
cable and satellite TV (join them to embrace extend, and extinguish).

They recently acquired a Japanese VoIP company, so they want to make the
phone obsolete too. Imagine a house where every stereo, TV and telephone is
owned by or administered by Microsoft. The Big Brother vision becomes a
reality. Google might have similar plans since they become an ISP and they
already have an inter-operable, Web-based video player. They also work hard
on communication, not just Google Talk, but beyond it. Google Talk is not
just textual 'talk'. They also hired the Gaim lead developer.

> Roy, your previous mention of the XBox' ability for further
> multi-functioning is referred to as well.
> Suddenly, I can't wait to get my hands on an XBox!:
> "Gates' vision extends to TV as well. Gates announced a partnership with
> Direct TV and its U.K. Counterpart, BSkyB. The Direct TV partnership will
> allow consumers to get Direct TV video onto a Windows Media Center PC as
> well as on its gaming console, the Xbox 360."
> "Microsoft indicated that later this year, it will start selling external
> HD-DVD drives, which will enable users to watch high definition DVDs via
> their Xbox machines and also allow greater interactivity. At the outset,
> the new drive will be only for movies and does not include games."

When they start using and encouraging DRM, I'd be worried. They can easily
lock out the competitors from being able to access or interact with media.
Imagine yourself hiring a DVD or buying a CD that only plays on hardware
with Microsoft-licensed software. At least the European Commission can smell
the danger. The same practices were employed in the server room:


  "The European Commission has threatened to fine Microsoft up to 2m euros
 (£1.36m; $2.4m) a day until it gives rivals more access to its systems."


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