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Re: Recommend a reliable PDA (PalmOS)?

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__/ [Russell E. Owen] on Wednesday 04 January 2006 23:20 \__

> My Tungsten E died after about 2 years and far too many glitches
> (digitizer failed under warranty, speaker was flaky on both units).
> Does anyone make a simple, reliable PalmOS PDA anymore? I don't want any
> fancy features (such as wireless), just a reliable organizer.
> I'm considering the TX plus an extended warranty. That's more than I
> want to spend (and more featuers), but I figure I should at least get 2
> years out of it (minus whatever time it spends in the shop).
> The E2 is attractive but I've seen a lot of complaints about
> reliability. I'd give up the nice screen and go with a zire, but the
> reports on those are even worse.
> I've even thought about abandoning the Palm platform, but the apps on
> the windows-based PDAs apps sound pretty awful and I don't know if there
> are any alternatives. (Besides; I'd hate to give up DateBk5.)
> Does anyone else make PalmOS organizers anymore?
> -- Russell

2 years sounds like a normal lifetime for a Palm handheld based on personal
not-so-thorough experience. I suggest that you opt for affordable units and
upgrade every now and then when defects and inconveniences are too much to

I bought my second PDA from eBay. It was inexpensive as it was not modern and
did not have functions which I have no use for. It only had a *few*
functions that I don't care for. It was a brand new Tungsten T. Before that
I had an M130 which was low-end and given to me by a relative.

I am very satisfied with Palm in general because I never lose any data. have
you? PIM is highly reliable and very usable. You only come to realise it
when something else gets used. If you don't require Wi-Fi, then I suggest
you consider a brand new out-of-date model from on-line auctions or even
settle for a Sony unit which is second-hand. Many people are hunting these
units down nowadays.


PS - One last thing: no phone lasts for many years and neither does a PDA
from another brand or vendor. The neighbour's lawn often seems greener
though and people will tell you what they want to believe about their
favourite and current supplier.

Roy S. Schestowitz
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