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Re: An Attractive Microsoft Product!

__/ [Linønut] on Saturday 07 January 2006 16:08 \__

> I was in Office Depot the other day and saw a Microsoft product I
> actually wanted.
> MS has a new ergonomic keyboard.  It is similar to their Natural
> keyboards, but even more sculpted.  It looked really comfortable.
> Even more amazing to me was that it fixed what I've considered to be a
> grave defect of MS's ergo keyboards.  Previously, their keyboards have
> put the adjustment legs at the back of the keyboard, rendering them
> useless, since all that does is make your wrists flex upward even
> more.
> But the new keyboard has the adjustment at the front of the keyboard, so
> that it tilts away.
> Of course, I'm not buying that keyboard, because $60 is wayyyyyyyyyy too
> much for a keyboard.
> I was using a Kensiko ergo keyboard, but now I have a desk with a tray,
> and that keyboard is too wide to allow my trackball to sit next to it.
> So I'm using an MS Natural elite keyboard.  To tilt it, I bought a
> number of non-skid pads meant for dining room chairs.  No way can I
> handle having a mouse far away from the keyboard.
> See?  Even the Loinonut uses the GUI sometimes.
> Oh, one more stupid keyboard note.  I was at the grocery store, and saw
> a no-name flexible keyboard for $15, so I bought one and gave it a spin.
> It was pretty cool.  It took awhile to get adjust to the small keycaps.
> But some of the keys required more force, so ultimately this keyboard is
> going into my travel bag for usage on-site.  It rolls up nicely.
> Also, we got some good laughs at the English on the poop sheet that came
> with it, e.g.:
>    Please do not use force apply if plug does not comply with port

I  have always been against adversity (double negation) to the convention.
It  is the same deal with Dvorak. Whenever you adapt to a certain keyboard
shape  or  layout, the transition from one set to another becomes  cumber-
some.  No-one will admit it, but the keystroke rate goes down and the type
rate goes up.

One  of the most compfortable keyboards I have come across is the original
folding  Palm keyboard, which uses the Universal Port. It has the gentlest
touch  and  folds to become as small as your average PDA. Its size is  the
standard  size of any keyboard whenunfolded. Other than that, I do not be-
lieve anything to be truly more practical.

I don't find the Dell keyboards to be anything out of the ordinary. I have
one  at work and one at the University and they are identical. The 3  key-
boards  I have at home are equally comforable and look even better. One of
these cost as little as 4 pounds. It happens to be the one I currently use
while the better ones sit in their boxes on the shelf. This comes to prove
that  pragmatic  use is unrelated to cost. Fancy keyboards have  become  a
matter  of fashion, individualism ,and a way to impress or appeal for envy
from colleagues. Have you not found satisfation in your 24 inch monitor?

Best wishes,


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