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Re: Google in China

__/ [Borek] on Saturday 07 January 2006 14:19 \__

> On Fri, 06 Jan 2006 17:30:31 +0100, Oldpunxneverdie
> <bradbullcolin@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Completely inexperienced in this field, I am looking to set up a web
>> site which can be viewed both in UK / USA and China. Obviously will
>> have to use 'translation software' for part of the site , but my
>> question is as to whether Chinese surfers could access the site through
>> a normal Google search, or would I have to use another medium? ANY
>> advice would be appreciated. Cheers

What I personally decided to do was to incorporate a prominent drop-down menu
that contained several Asian languages. There seem to be quite a few
visitors from the far east. You can have a look at it, but bear in mind that
translations (http://tobkes.othellomaster.com/ on the left) are put in a

I once tried to 'fool' Google and get rid of the attribution, but they were
smart enough to realise such hacks. They change IP addresses repeatedly, so
while the translation seems to ignore a third-party software on one day will
be broken the following day.

> From what I have heard Chinese use also Baidu search engine. No idea
> how effective Google is in Chinese, but in Polish it works just as
> good as in English, so I suppose its algorithms should be able to
> deal with Chinese too.
> However, I would be reluctant to use translation software, as
> I doubt it will be able to deliver pages in acceptable Chinese.
> In my experience trsnlation soft is good enough when you need to
> check what the page is about, but if used for page preparation
> it may end with disaster - funny for Chinese, but sad for your
> efforts.

A close approximation is often all you need. If your page contains important
information (such as one's own name or genealogy information), coherence of
the language is irrelevant.

Best wishes,


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