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Re: What am I doing wrong?

__/ [Bobbie] on Sunday 08 January 2006 08:13 \__

> I must be doing something wrong.
> I've just repaired an older iMac G3 266Mhz (it had a power supply problem)
> and for the hell of it I decided to install Ubuntu.
> So I downloaded Ubuntu, burnt it to a CDROM and then installed it onto the
> iMac.
> I must have done something wrong as Ubuntu installed without a hitch.
> It reconized all of the hardware, partitioned the hard drive and set up
> networking all on it's own. This just can't be right. I mean with all that
> I've heard from the Windoze astroturfers Ubuntu shouldn't have reconized
> any hardware, it should have fried the CPU, destroyed the video monitor
> and knocked out the power in the local neighbourhood.
> Talking about reconizing hardware and drivers, does anybody want the
> Win95/98/98SE/ME drivers disks that came with the USB keyboard and USB
> mouse. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to use these for anything. I could
> have sworn that Windows didn't need driver disks either. Oh well.

Is  it  really possible with Ubuntu? I have an iMac with similar specs  at
work  and I have let it off the hook a month ago. It never gets used,  let
alone  touched. I migrated all the mail (work stuff) to Thunderbird on the
desktop nearby. It runs Ubuntu Linux. Maybe I can have both a Dell machine
and an iMac side-by-side, both running Linux. Do you see the irony? Apple?
Dell?  I'll  do it Monday. I've got a pile of Breezy, but I wonder  how 
Linux runs with one mouse button...


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