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Re: Google Adwords?

  • Subject: Re: Google Adwords?
  • From: "stop_googlescu" <gb6724@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 8 Jan 2006 11:10:40 -0800
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(keep getting errors when posting, this may have showed up already)

There was a class action lawsuit against Google on this problem. They
not only abuse
users with their marketing-related privacy abuses, but they ignore
those marketers
who pay. A paradox, that is as severe as crimes against humanity.

Don't support Crimes against humnity of privacy violating profiling of
people's emails
and names. Profiling people in the open is illegal marketing, something
hates. Usenet is intimate-interest discusion-oriented and not intended
for violation of
people's privacy by spam and its literal underground corrupt rings.
Google is corrupt,
its violation of privacy is Orwellian, and pretty much should be
illegal as human and
civil rights are violated by Google's spam. Brainless marketing,
brainless idiots.

Those who disagree, built blacklists to my life using web pages about
me, psychosis
intended to destroy a life. Slavery is recognized as crimes against
humanity. Don't
enslave people with marketing, the Google corruption against humanity
is maximum.

Google pirates books (ignored mass copyrights when scanned 15 million
books from
University libraries. Google creates illegal business conditions not
only for you, but
for all writers who HAVE TO turn to google to resolve copyright. As a
unilateral organization
google ignores competition, users of other usenet browsers, and refers
McDonalds customers
to HAVE TO use Burger King's customer services. In all regards Google
is a corrupt
intitution, disregarding the business bounds and agreements of all
copyright, and human

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