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Re: Linux Makes Computing Boring

__/ [John A. Bailo] on Tuesday 10 January 2006 13:47 \__

> I keep searching Google News using the keyword *linux* for something
> interesting, something /snazzy/.
> But it's getting harder and harder to find such things.
> I mean, sure, there's more and more serious articles about Linux and
> Open Source and clearly its been adopted into mainstream engineering and
> business applications.   But these are the kind of meat and potatoes
> applications that Unix has always been used for, that handle vast
> transactions, support precision mathematics and monitor life critical
> processes, but for which the home user has no comprehension.
> I guess what linux does is turn OS computing back to what it used to be:
> a real utility, solid and dependable, just there to run things.   It was
> Microsoft that tried to put lots of finery on an "OS" and make it the
> sizzle, but not the steak.    The problem is: people got hungry once
> they realized they wanted steak, not sizzle.

With  all  due respect, I find your posts rather erratic and  unworthy  of
trust.  A  day ago you were whining that Linux offers no lightweight  edi-
tors.  Later  that day, you complained about imaging software,  suggesting
that  Linux only offers bloat like Gwenview. Then came the complaint about
a context menu in Firefox.

Have  you got that Windows XP wallpaper issue sorted out? What happened to
"I can do it in XP, but not in Linux"? And why dis you E-mail me about it?

If  you talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk, John. You have got  to
actually  understand  Linux, get to grips with it, and have some  orienta-
tion. Some of your recent rants about Linux did not identify deficiencies,
but only proved that Linux is nothing but ideaology to you -- an ideaology
that you at times betray.

Best wishes,


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