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Re: Linux Gaming

__/ [rapskat] on Sunday 15 January 2006 06:19 \__

> Sorry for the back to back posts, but I didn't think this belonged in the
> other one...
> For all the persons that say that Linux gaming sucks and is lacking, you
> really are off.  My shop just finished hosting our first Quake3 Arena -
> Urban Terror Tourney.  The workstations used are all IBM 300PL PII
> 667Mhz/256M/40G with nVidia Vanta 16M video cards.  Eight teams of
> two persons each; Sixteen people in a all out LAN Deathmatch battling it
> out over a series of 5 different maps - the carnage was EPIC! The winners
> walked out $50 richer for their effort.
> In addition, each workstation has various native and emulated games
> running on them via Cedega.  Covert Ops, Delta Force, Rogue Spear,
> NeverWinter Nights, Heroes of Might and Magic, Postal2, Unreal Tournament
> 2005, etc.
> Even though all of my workstations run nothing but Linux, there is rarely
> a moment that we're open that every spot isn't filled up.  The best part
> is that these "obsolete" systems run for days, even weeks, uninterrupted
> and according to many still perform better than the Multi-GHZ systems they
> have at home running that other OS.
> Linux gaming never sucked so good!

Gamers are put off by Linux because games they have accumulated on the shelf
for many years would not run under Linux, natively at least. A similar
scenario applies to hardware. It was picked for the wrong operating system
some time in the past. Much like platters and tapes, such games will have no
place other than in future released of Wine, which unlike buying a
gramophone, is free.

People who refuse to wipe their Windows partition cling on to old games while
discovering new ones which run on Linux. The old games are only accumulating
mold and wind up as a total bore. The same thing applies to Photoshop-savvy
designers. In due time, they become accustomed to the GIMP or Inkscape. Only
then they realise that they can purge Windows for good. Experience,
familiarity and new generations of software/games make the difference.

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