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Re: Regarding use of LINUX

__/ [wganesh@xxxxxxxxx] on Sunday 15 January 2006 07:01 \__

> I wish to start a topic to continue whatever was said on post
>  <URL omitted>
> (Windows Vista Beta 1 is already superior to Linux)
> I request you to please post valid, sensible comments only as replies
> as I intend to compile a small report out of these posts.

You will get many 'junk' replies, so I hope you can tell apart people who are
here to trigger riots and those who are here to advocate.

> Of Course at the begining let me confess, I am pro Linux.
> Anyway here are the points.
> 1. Linux is lot more secure than windows
> Proof: I have a windows box with which i connected to internet, without
> antivirus, windows box started downloading all the  spurious/trojan
> programs, without me going to any of these sites. Then I sat   for
> about 30 mins without clicking on any of these poped up windows and
> total internet traffic (upload+download) was 58mb. Then I started
> surfing, as you'll expect, it was very slow.
> I got fed up after trying few more times, and then switched my linux
> box for connecting to internet, and till date, I haven't faced any
> malicious pop up windows like that. Bandwidth usage is OK.
> Reason for not using antivirus: Why should I spend additional sum to
> purchase antivirus, when I have alredy spent on windows OS, anyway
> linux is free

I can recall that my mother received pop-ups within just minutes, quicker
than time would permit for an update. Fortunately for her, my sister uses
Windows and has the 'valuable knowledge' of where to get free AV software
from and how to protect Windows XP. Not everyone knows this or wishes to
spend the time getting 'educated'. Regardless, this add-on software as a
must implies registry bloat and more processes that choke the CPU in vain.

> 2. Linux is little bit user friendly.
> Proof: People in my home grasped basic use of linux (Fedora core 4)
> quickly, and are happily surfing internet now without much of help.
> They enjoy the look and feel, and say it is quite OK.

The only hidrance to Linux is the small number of people who have attempted
this and can confess. Linux needs inertia.

> 3. Installation, software addtion on linux is a Trouble with capital T
> Proof: try clicking any of the .ram/.mp3/.wav files presented on the
> html play, in windows machine, that I use in office, it will open the
> relevant program automatically but, here you have to choose, and the
> installed programm are generally not listed. Also try installing
> software like realplayer gold, on your fedora box, it says libraries
> not installed even when they are installed, and you can see them.
> Please not realplayer is just taken as one example, there are several
> softwares like that.

I am not a big fan of Fedora, to say the least. As my comments below will
indicate, you may have opted for the wrong (or "less than ideal")
distribution. Ubuntu and SuSE are often crowned as most user-friendly and
they are self-contained, too.

> 4. For adding few libraries, you have to switch the CD1/2/3/4 lots of
> times.
> Proof: try to upgrade any of the package and see what I mean, it takes
> second cd and then it will ask for first cd and then again second...,
> why it can't copy/store everything from second cd and then ask for
> first cd.

That must be a Fedora issue. This never happens with SuSE/YaST.

> In all to summerise, linux is really good, but in terms of user
> friendly ness, it has long way to go.
> Why can't we come up with very good user friendly installation and
> later use of linux, preferalbly on single cd. (Windows xp is available
> on single cd)

*cough* Ubuntu.

Synaptic handles installations flawlessly. Click this, observe some widgets,

> I do not need any help while solving problems i faced. I request users
> to put their pain points and appreciation for linux on this thread.
> If you will keep this thread to the point, it will be highly
> appreciated. Either group who wants to shout at something/someone.
> please do that in seperate thread ;)
> I wish to take out top wish lists of the users and mail it across to
> all linux builders.
> REgards
> Ganesh

Best wishes,


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