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Re: Microsoft on MSN Search

__/ [ John Bokma ] on Thursday 02 March 2006 17:15 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ICO comes with a Google search bar, judging from what I could gather
>> when my sister used it (I first used ICQ when I was 15). It makes it
>> somewhat balanced, but then again, ICQ is not bundled to an operating
>> system, to which many people's data is lock.
> A common misunderstanding: everybody's data is locked to some OS. For
> example, my documentation is mostly locked to OOo Writer. If I want to
> unlock it, I need to dive into the XML format. Do I have the time and
> money to do that?
> Most Linuxfanboys have no idea of the costs of migration. In short, if
> there are no tools, you're fcked. Hiring people to maintain, reverse
> engineer (name one OS project with good documentation at a developers
> level), and hack OpenSource is way more expensive compared to kiss the ass
> of MS for the next 10 years.
> I know, because I have been using mixed environments for over 12 years.
> And Open Source wasn't called that, it was just GNU.

I take your point and agree to an extent. The difference in my mind is
dependency upon licences and the issue of costly upgrades. I am not a miser,
but I learned from some past mistakes

Thanks for sharing


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