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Re: Why Linux is so successful

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [ 7 ] on Saturday 04 March 2006 15:00 \__
>> I bought a PCChips motherboard M848A SKTA + 1.4GHz AMD CPU bundle...
> http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/index.html?action=c2hvd19wcm9kdWN0X292ZXJ2aWV3&product_uid=101499
>> Also bought a MX4000 graphics card.
>> This was to upgrade a kobian/mercury epia mboard that had
>> USB boot features.
>> The PCChips board had AMI BIOS, press F8 and it booted
>> from USB perfectly detecting sound and LAN an video.
>> From opening box to operational computer in less than 30 minutes.
>> I bought swappable caddies and switched in a few distros.
>> Knoppix 4.0.2 DVD edition fully installed (10Gb of installed
>> software approx) 

[appologies it is more like 7Gb]

>> for the epia mboard and now plotted to boot
>> up on this new mboard with different graphics card, sound, LAN etc..
>> Well, there I was sitting there behind sand bags
>> in flack jacket peering at the machine from binoculars
>> to see it go off.
>> And then it happend.
>> Yep, nothing. It just booted as if I had always been running it on
>> that new setup. WTF? I heard all these windope asstroturfers
>> claiming its not ready for desktop but there it was all ready! The
>> desktop system was completely swapped out with different hardware
>> and the machine is still running without any user intervention!!!
>> Ok next was Fedora Core 4 (about 11Gb of installed software).
>> Yep, almost nothing happened again. I had one minute of work to do
>> switching resolution from 800x600 to 1280x1024, logout, login and
>> it was done!
>> Completely disarmed by the sheer simplicity and ease of use
>> of GNU/Linux, I was persuaded to take off my flack jacket,
>> dismantle the sand bags and stick in a windoze disk which had
>> been working on the Epia board.
>> WTF@#@*@@!!!!!!
>> SHI*^&$%%@@!!&!!
>> I calmly realized, that what I have before me is a blue screen.
>> A blue screen before me is what I have calmly realized I.
>> Therefore, could one of you windope asstroturfers
>> who keep claiming windopes is supposed to be a distro please
>> help... the color code is #0000FF.
> What is it that motivated you to install and wipe Linux? Are you
> dissatisfied with the distribution that you have thus far been loyal to?
> The wipe-every-now-and-then approach should have been embraced only if you
> attempted a Windows installation first.

Luck has it I didn't de-install - I'm just upgrading mboards
and then swapping in new OSes with new pretty good
HD caddies that I bought that have TWIN fans for 3.99 pounds.

For the fact that I plugged in windoze expeeh into my new precious
GNU/Linux computer, I humbly appologize and volunteer to
punish myself by installing several more distros in my
new machine that I am building.
That will force me to reboot at least once per distro.
Hopefully that is enough punishment for now...

> The challenge with Windows is that of collecting drivers and remaining
> uninfected while Windows XP is being patched up. If you are not
> experienced and skilled (nor has the vendor pre-installed Windows), you
> are most likely to have to clean up your Registry. An average user with
> decent requirements will wind up spending anything between a couple of
> hours to a day getting the machine ready for use (Acrobat Reader and all
> that malarkey, AV, updates, drivers, customisation, migrations). Been
> there, done that. Never doing that again.
> Roy

I'm experienced windope through and through and its gonna take
me near half a day to get it all going under windopes because
it can't boot at all. Safer to re-install than pander to all
the faults it will want to report.

On the other hand,
I'm just totally amazed by Knoppix 4.0.2 DVD version. It was installed
already on the PC for the mercury/kobian EPIA motherboard with
a completely different graphics, sound and lan card.
But the Knoppix just booted up and even returned it to the
correct video resolution on the new motherboard with
completely different graphics, lan, and sound cards.
That is a huge undertaking for any OS this self repair feature
and a marvellous feat of success for Linux thats gonna have me
recommending to everyone why Linux is better on the desktop
than other OSes.
I knew the liveCDs could reconfige on the fly whenever it booted,
but I didn't know until now that installed Linux can also reconfigure
without blinking when moved across different computers.
It used to be that always some tweek that need to be applied
(like fedora 4 requiring monitor resolution to be re-entered).
But with Knoppix around, I guess that is no longer true.

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