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Re: Adding votable links to other sites, like digg

On Sat, 04 Mar 2006 07:39:47 +0000, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> __/ [ Ignoramus16172 ] on Saturday 04 March 2006 04:49 \__
>> So... I have this website algebra.com, 280 free tutors, 4,000+
>> registered users, a hundred modules covering various topics, 200+ user
>> contributed lessons, 14,000+ problems solved by tutors, a pretty
>> active web forum, etc.
> John and I convinced you to add RSS feeds. How's that coming along,
> traffic-wise?

I am not sure how to measure the effect, but, I think, it is small.
About 40 requests for feeds from people (as opposed to bots),

I like having a rss feed myself though, it gives my site more cachet
and also I use some RSS feeds to keep track of what is going on. 

>> I feel that I am not doing enough to foster a true community.
>> Something where people interact towards a common goal which is
>> learning math.
> Probably covered by the forum, unless you intend to enrich it somehow.

Yes, I do want to enrich it in some very math specific way. 

>> Communications are mostly one way (tutors to students and tutors
>> "broadcasting") their lessons.
>> I had my ass kicked in alt.www.webmaster and people rightly said that
>> I should get busy doing community stuff.
>> My idea is as follows. In every module, I would have "top 5" links to
>> lessons on OTHER websites (on related topics), and "top 5" links to
>> calculators from other sites. Anyone would be free to propose a link
>> and anyone would be free to vote. The "weight" of the vote would
>> increase with the "score" of the user (the score system already
>> exists).
> Your site could become a linking authority rather than a content farm. It's
> up to you which path suits you better. Bear in mind that linkage invites
> spam (thus maintenance).

I think that I would do it in the following way. Registered users
could submit their websites for inclusion in the list of authorized
websites. I would approve every site. Then anyone could propose any
links to these websites, in relevant sections. The links will be voted

>> I could require that any website linked from algebra.com should have a
>> backlink.
> There is no reliable way for checking reciprocity automatically.

I think that I could do something with perl. 

> Changing the theme of your site is not the issue at hand, but I guess you
> want to change its service. 

I would say, I want to improve it. 

> I can truthfully tells you that I began to neglect several sites to
> which I was loyal for years. Digg is probably my new favourite,
> which obviates the need to visit other sites. Maybe link assemblage
> is the way forward.

I think that it does not hurt to try. The free tutor system was a try
of this sort and it seems to have found its niche. 


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