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Re: Only 1 in 3 Servers Sold Runs Windows

__/ [ Ian Hilliard ] on Sunday 05 March 2006 17:12 \__

> On Sun, 05 Mar 2006 08:38:52 +0000, Gordon wrote:
>> Absolutely. If you extrapolate this, then it's possible for MS to sel
>> ONE server costing $8 billion and claim to be the top in the server
>> market! You HAVE to use numbers of units sold. That's the only way to
>> measure market penetration. We had a situation recently here in the UK
>> with a company that supplies domestic gas (for cooking and heating - not
>> the gas for cars!), posting a huge profit, and then putting up gas
>> prices to the consumer, which caused a big outcry. In fact, when the
>> numbers were analysed, the domestic gas division actually posted either
>> a loss or a VERY small percentage of the total profit. You CANNOT
>> determine "market share" purely on revenue.
> The problem is that you can't use raw numbers of servers to indicate
> market penetration. This is because a sun server or an IBM mainframe
> typically support many more clients than a Windows server does. In fact
> Linux has shown itself capable of supporting more clients than Windows
> running on the same hardware. The figures that I have seen indicate that
> Unix/Linux servers have a much lower cost per client than Windows. The
> advantage that Windows has in the market is that most IT departments are
> filled with MSCEs, who know nothing about alternatives to Windows.
> It appears to me, the only valid comparison is the number of clients. I
> suspect that this comparison would make Windows penetration look even
> poorer than it already does. For this reason, I suspect that Microsoft
> would fight such a comparison.
> Ian

No worries, Ian. They will earn some space with AdSense and publish "the real
facts" to the curious minds. Billwg completely missed the point in the aside
rebuttals and Larry continues being an apologist/skeptic. When will these
folks wake up to the truth?

By the way, I /strongly/ agree with you point about MSCE qualifications. That
relates to the issue of momentum, or tide which is readily changing.

Best wishes,


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