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Re: One Linux Box, 6 Users

On 2006-03-05, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted something concerning:
> __/ [ Sinister Midget ] on Sunday 05 March 2006 14:48 \__
>> On 2006-03-05, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted
>> something concerning:
>>> http://linuxgazette.net/124/smith.html
>>> To be fair, I have come across similar setups with Windows.
>> I'm trying to work something like this out so Sinister Jr can have
>> linux/Mac via a KVM box.
>> I found another link to similar methods described by the page, but I
>> didn't try it yet. That one sounded mostly like he was still working
>> out the details and hadn't solved a couple of problems.
>> I did a quick test with Userful* and got it to bring up _a_ video
>> signal on the other end, but the keyboards were hosed (a simple fix,
>> I'm sure) and the video didn't actually show a desktop, but it did show
>> a pointer that was also controlled from the wrong location (another
>> easy fix).
>> I gave up on trying for a time because my Mepis install isn't using any
>> swap and it's causing a few crashes. I haven't been able to figure out
>> why yet, so the other project is on hold until that one is fixed.
>> The above link sounds like more work than Userful, but it's more
>> detailed in ways that aren't spelled out by Userful or the other link I
>> found. So once I get the swap problem solved I'll begin trying this
>> link to see what happenes.
>> * http://userful.com/products/multi-station-how-it-works
> There are *ten* midgets?!?! I thought there were only 8. Good link
> nonetheless.

No, only 2. The Userful method is free for only 2 desktops. It's paid
if you want all 10. At least that was the impression I got. I didn't
really follow through because I discovered the swap problem.

> I ought to point out that brand new Linux boxes are sold for just over GBP
> 100, peripherals included. A flat screen would have entail a similar cost,
> but I guess there are tradeoffs like power consumption, memory/speed,
> portability, etc.
> I once used a Windows settings as such at Surrey University. The display was
> very coarse, the connection speed was outrageous and all in all, it was
> repellent.

I can't imagine doing this on Winders. I can't imagine a single machine
powerful enough to let 2 users run full desktops at the same time,

I don't really have the power to do this either. But it's good practice
for testing and discoverey for the machine upgrade I'll do later this
year. For the time being Junior will be able to play his games any time
I'm not using the machine without my having to log out (I keep it
screensaver locked when I'm not around anyway).

I'd set him up on the Mac, but Mrs. Midget wouldn't like him spending
so much time with only linux (a given that she's going to have to
regulate some anyway), and duel-booting Macs aren't the easiest or most
intuitive ways of doing things. I could probably teach a 7-year-old to
do it. But Mrs. Midget is enough of a technophobe that she'd be loathe
to try solving problems that required her to worry about reading little
text and getting her timing right.

"Ironically, Microsoft's efforts to deny interoperability of Windows
with legitimate non-Microsoft applications have created an environment
in which Microsoft's programs interoperate efficiently only with Internet
- Dan Geer.

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