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Re: renaming pages From ex.htm to ex.php

__/ [ Colin Wilson ] on Monday 06 March 2006 00:09 \__

> Of course you would also remove links to the old pages from index.html and
> where-ever else is appropriate.
> "John" <nospam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:24GOf.883$n67.172@xxxxxxxxxxx
>> Hello,
>> I think I know the answer to this but I hope I'm wrong.  I want to add a
>> php script to existing pages.  All of the pages are currently *.htm and
>> after I add the script they would have to be renamed to *.php.  I'm hosted
>> on a windows machine and my host doesn't redirect pages within a website.
>> I've renamed pages in the past, putting the old page name in my robots.txt
>> file for a few weeks, with mixed results.
>> MSN removed the old listings from it's SERP's and added the new listings.
>> After about a month, my new page is where my old page was in the SERP's.
>> G added *some* new listings but did not remove the old listings.  I
>> suspect G added all new listings but they are buried so deep no one will
>> find them. I also filled out a form @ G to remove the old listings but
>> they don't seem to follow up on that.  The old listings are about where
>> they were in the SERP's
>> Yahoo added the new listings and, I just found out, removed the old
>> listings but the new listings are way down in the SERP's.
>> Do I have a better option?  The page name is the same except for the
>> extension.
>> Thanks,
>> John
> My suggestion is that you leave your old pages on the server and, on the
> old
> page,  you add a "click here" link to to the new version.
> Last year a website which operated in opposition to mine went out of
> business but it took Google the best part of a year to drop the pages.

If you ever take the "click here" approach (davidof alluded to the fact that
you cannot redirect with status 301), be sure to automatically redirect all
human visitors. For example:

                <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="1;URL=new_page.php">
                <H1>Redirection Pending</H1>
                <P>Page moved, <a href="new_page.php">click here</a>.</P>

If your site is large, such an approach could prove rather tedious.

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