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Re: SEO - domain, subdomain

__/ [ Mark ] on Monday 06 March 2006 02:02 \__

> I manage a simple website for a small manufacturing company. We have
> different product lines that we sell to different markets. Our company name
> is My Company Name. Our website URL is mycompanyname.com.
> One of our products is ABC XYZ 123. We have a page on our website
> mycompanyname.com/abcxyz123. But this product is also known in the market
> as ABC XYZ 456 and ABC XYZ 789. So the most common search keyword searches
> are ABC XYZ 123, ABC XYZ 456, and ABC XYZ 789. We also own the domain names
> abc-xyz-123.com, abcxyz123.com, abc-xyz-456.com, abcxyz456.com,
> abc-xyz-789.com, and abcxyz789.com. I would think the best way to SEO this
> product is to publish a website for each domain name that I listed.

[p tone="friendly" /] No, no, no. Forking is bad. Make a choice and stick
with it. if you must, redirect from all sidal domains to the primary one.
There are many reasons to avoid mirroring. Same rules go for duplicated
pages with different filenames. You could try to duplicate and vary the
pages, but again, one page with high ranks will get you better ranks. It's a
breadth versus impact tradeoff and if you want high placement, you must aim
for the latter. Too much duplication can also get you #000000-listed.

> However, our hosting company godaddy.com requires that I purchase hosting
> for each domain name. We don't want to spend the money for that. The
> alternative is to create a subdomain for some or all of the domains and
> forward each domain name to each respective subdomain, or to forward each
> product domain name to mycompanyname.com/abcxyz123.
> What is the best SEO strategy for this situation?

If I were in your shoes, I would probably redirect from all domains to the
primary one. I have a relative who bought a dozen domains from GoDaddy
(dime-a-dozen) and re-directs, but this doesn't have any merits. It only
depletes from the namespace, so it is rather selfish.

I think you shouldn't have bothered buying so many domains, as cheap as they
may be. Even their ownership expires.

Best wishes,


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