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Re: Time for everyone to leave now.....

__/ [ Larry Qualig ] on Monday 06 March 2006 00:55 \__

> I found some groups that are much more suitable than COLA.
> alt.destroy.microsoft  and  alt.microsoft.sucks
> I'm sure that there are more just like it so I think that we should all
> just move over there.
> I made a post a couple of days ago (at the bottom of this post) and
> it's truer now than ever before. I've been indoors most of today (sore
> from yesterday) and have checked out this newsgroup on the laptop
> during commercial breaks. There have been several dozen posts made
> today. I'm not sure that I can name a single one that has anything to
> do with either Linux or advocating Linux.
> Most of you people here are obsessed with Microsoft. It's plain and
> simple. Looking at the most active threads I see unsubstantiated
> paranoia about a backdoor in Vista. (If all you guys run Linux why do
> you even care?), another thread Puzzling over Vista... some thread
> about "Why I hate Windows" a thread about "Vista Starter Edition
> Screenshots" which is some crazy debate over an OS that won't even be
> sold in the US or Europe.
> There are a few threads here about Linux but they are basically dead.
> Why discuss an OS when everyone can spend ALL DAY discussing a company
> they have no interest in and claim they aren't obsessed with.
> (wink-wink... nod-nod)
> <Old Post>
> Fortunately for Linux, what happens in COLA stays in COLA. This
> newsgroup doesn't really have any reflection on Linux itself. (Which is
> good for Linux IMO.)
> Seems that often the primariy interest here is not to advocate Linux,
> but to degrade Microsoft. There are a few interesting threads going on
> but looking at the Subject Line of the most recent posts I see:
> Vista will Such (Suck)
> Puzzling over Vista
> MS to introduce better search engine than Google
> Ten Reasons to Buy Windows Vista, Five Things That Will Give You Pause
> Windows users stamping to open Mail?
> 6 Versions of Vista - Are they nuts?
> This is no longer a Pro-Linux newsgroup. It's become an anti-MS
> newsgroup. More than 50% of the posts are about MS and how terrible
> XP/Vista/Win95/DOS is. The remaining posts are split between politics,
> Macs and then there's the occasional post about Linux.
> </Old Post>

I  made  similar  observations before. If you dislike a  post,  ignore  or
plonk.  Rework your reading habits. That's what I did. Two thirds of  COLA
is  virtually invisible to me, but I never filter by sender. Those who re-
ply to off-topic threads, however, are less likely to remain inh sight.

Choose  the  thread that you perceive as an on-topic thread, namely  Linux
advocacy. When you post to this group, always attempt to glorify/criticise
Linux  rather than allude to the 'competition'. Problems emerge when  fol-
low-ups  make a comparison (bashing in worse cases) with the  competition,
which  is most often Windows. It is then that the threads goes hayway  (in
that  respect,  Erik is the worst bar none), so you should try to move  on
and post something on topic.

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz, Ph.D. Candidate (Medical Biophysics)
http://Schestowitz.com  |    SuSE Linux     |     PGP-Key: 0x74572E8E
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