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Re: The OpenOffice FUD Campaign has Begun

__/ [ Larry Qualig ] on Monday 06 March 2006 15:47 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/3517/106/
>> In a nutshell, OO is said to be 10 years behind.
>> Why do Microsoft even bother to comment about the competition? I direct
>> the question at Larry.
> I'd be happy to answer the question but the site appears down. Short
> answer - can't view the page.

I  tried  two Slashdot mirrors. None of the two which I am  familiar  with
managed  to snatch a copy off the server before it had been knocked out of
commission.  I  am not convinced that the article in its entirety  is  re-
quired for an answer, so allow me to say this:

* Someone who hijacked this thread received 6 direct responses (and count-
ing).  If only Linux advocacy got fed more often. My question was not  an-
swered,  but  instead  I was lynched by an arbitrary and  capricious,  of-
f-the-arse  FUD attack. Does this provide an explanation as to why threads
are  led  to Microsoft products getting bashed? Get that  Funkenbusch  off
this list as he doesn't belong here. He is nothing but off-topic nuisance.

* Can you answer the question above knowing what it generally alludes to?

*  Can you defend "Get the facts" campaigns? What about some of the racist
and stereotypical comments made by Microsoft's CEO?

My  point is but one: both sides play the dirty game once there is invoca-
tion  and provocation. It comes from _both_ sides, so never play naive  or
never turn into a drama queen. As I said before, why not filter /C.O.L.A./
as  means of straining it to its quality? There is plenty of garbage here,
but  many insightful minds too. There are hundreds of daily posts.  Select
the ones that suit you better. Don't be impulsive and use careful judgement
/before/ reading posts. It would work to your benefit, trust me.

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