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Re: Tis was 10 years ago this week

__/ [ Larry Qualig ] on Monday 06 March 2006 18:28 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Larry Qualig ] on Monday 06 March 2006 17:48 \__
>> >
>> > Man how time flys. Over the past few days I've been receivng emails
>> > from people some of which I haven't seen in several years.  Our
>> > "mailing list" is growing as we hunt down other former members of our
>> > group for an impromptu reunion party. The occasion is that it was
>> > exactly 10 years ago this week that we all showed up for our first-day
>> > of work at Microsoft (aka - Evil empire). It was crazy back then but it
>> > was also very exciting and interesting.
>> >
>> > I'm looking forward to seeing old friends, drinking some beers and
>> > re-living the memories, war-stories and funny things that we all went
>> > through. Different people who worked there have different things to say
>> > but we had a **lot** of fun in our group. It was such an "experience"
>> > that our CEO went on to write a book about this. The book sold quite
>> > well (and it received excellent reviews) and you can still buy the book
>> > today at over at Amazon.com.
>> >
>> > Things were very different back then. The internet boom was in its
>> > early stages. Windows-95 was only a few months old and Linux was just
>> > reaching version 2.0 and was nearly called Lignus. It's also the same
>> > year that Tux became the offical symbol.
>> >
>> > I remember the brand new machine they provided me with. It was a state
>> > of the art PC from Micron with dual Pentium 166-Mhz processors and
>> > 64-Megs(?) of RAM. The machine cost several thousands of dollars then
>> > and you can probably buy one now on eBay for $5.
>> >
>> > Most of us put in our time there then moved back east once we could. It
>> > all seems surreal now and it's just hard to believe that its been 10
>> > years already. Wow.
>> http://www.bit-tech.net/bits/2006/02/08/road_ahead_billgates/1.html
>> "The Road Ahead" 10 years on
> Never read it. Quite frankly I never really wanted to. I do this for a
> living and when I get some free-cycles I don't necessarily want to
> spend them reading about the computer industry.
> And in all fairness... I didn't read the book our CEO wrote either.
> (High Stakes, No Prisoners).
> I do own a copy but basically only read the chapters that described
> some of the people he talks about (Gates, Ellison, etc.) and the parts
> where he talks about us... our company and our group. Having lived
> through that first hand it was interesting to see how Chuck's view of
> things and what went on compared with mine and to get some insight as
> to what was going on 'upstairs' at the senior-management level.

I am sure that Chuck got himself comfortable 'upstairs'. For all I know, they
only ever chuck furniture over there.

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