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Re: LAMP is Most Bug-Free

__/ [ Brad ] on Tuesday 07 March 2006 12:10 \__

> On Tue, 07 Mar 2006 03:44:31 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> "The most popular open-source software is also the most free of bugs,
>> according to the first results of a U.S. government-sponsored effort to
>> help make such software as secure as possible."
>>                 [ LAMP lights the way in open-source security ]
>    I find it interesting that the study shows the data for LAMP, compares
> it to ms.net but doesn't give the data for ms.net. I guess that Coverity
> didn't want to end up in court defending themselves against a suit from
> MS. The findings of the study pertaining to "X" doesn't surprise me. It
> surprises me that "X" works at all sometimes. It is a very fragile piece
> of software and is easily broken (crashes). Conversely, "X" does a better
> job implementing OpenGL than MS does. I would like to see this study done
> as comparison between "X" and DirectX/DirectDraw, THAT would be an
> interesting study.
>    I was also surprised that XMMS was mentioned, not for the reason of it
> being well written, but that entertainment software was included in the
> study. More reasons to advocate for Linux! (like we needed more) :-)
> Brad
XMMS is extremely stable. AmaroK is /not/, yet. I suppose that the EULA
prevents criticisms of platform "X" to be raised. If only this study was
conducted in Germany....

Best wishes,


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