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Re: (OT) PCJacking - Linux in High Street Shops

__/ [ Richard G. Riley ] on Tuesday 07 March 2006 16:34 \__

>  "John"posted the following on 2006-03-07:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> ,----[ Snippet ]
>>> | Short version : PCjacking is sticking Linux Live CDs in computers
>>> | located in popular department stores, to let the customers know that
>>> | something other than Windows exists (see pictures below)....
>>> `----
>>> http://www.manucornet.net/pcjacking/
>>> You can probably take a machine that you intend to buy for a
>>> 'compatibility test drive' before making a purchase.
>> Yesterday, I took my occasional bike ride to a nearby (actually 6 miles
>> away) Starbucks.  Starbucks has in-store wifi access, so there are a few
>> notebook users now and then.   A guy was using an email client and from
>> the look of it -- very roundish buttons and a blue-violet color, it
>> seemed like a KDE app or an OSX app.  I checked the logo on his laptop
>> and it was a Vaio, not an apple, so I thought -- could it actually be a
>> Linux user in Starbucks?   Then he closed the mail app, and I could see
>> the desktop was XP.
>> Still -- it was interesting for a minute or two.
> So the interesting thing about this story was that you though someone
> was using Linux and ... they weren't? Intriguing.

Maybe he was using LiteStep or its relatives:


Same pig, different dress.

Best wishes,


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