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Re: Windows for Linux Wannabe's

__/ [ Sinister Midget ] on Wednesday 08 March 2006 01:30 \__

> On 2006-03-08, Linønut <linønut@xxxxxxxx> posted something concerning:
>> After takin' a swig o' grog, Sinister Midget belched out this bit o'
>> wisdom:
>>> On 2006-03-07, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted
>>> something concerning:
>>>> http://virt-dimension.sourceforge.net/
>>>> ,----[ From the site: ]
>>>>| "Welcome to Virtual Dimension: a free, fast, and feature-full virtual
>>>>| desktop manager for Windows platform. The main goal of this open-source
>>>>| project is indeed to enhance the Microsoft "Window Manager" up to the
>>>>| level of usual Unix Window Manager, by providing virtual desktops, as
>>>>| well as some additional features, like always on top, window
>>>>| shading..."
>>>> `----
>>>> One wonders: why not simply migrate? That desktop environment irritates
>>>> the eye. Compare kpager or composite in xorg with the outcome shown
>>>> above.
>>> Of course it's crappy. Look what it's designed to tun with.
>>> That said, the pager looks somewhat like the one I used on OS X (I
>>> forget the name). It worked, even if it wasn't the greatest thing
>>> around.
>> I tried it.  Turning on transparency reallllllly slowed it down.
> I don't recall the Mac version having transparency. The Mac I used is
> no longer mine (it replaced one that no longer works), so I'm not going
> to bother checking it again. I recall it simply being a plain-jane
> pager/multi-desktop manager.
>> I couldn't get it to have different contents in each window, either.
>> But I only spent a couple of minutes on it.
> I'm not surprised. The hokey M$ one isn't all that great for that part
> either. I don't even use the mtlti-desk preview. I just always make
> sure to keep the things I run on the same desktops on every machine so
> I know where to go.n
> It's not like I keep that many things running anyway. Instability and
> slowness and all. But I usually have an explorer window opened, the
> maintenance management program I have to use and Outhouse. Maybe
> Firefox as well, maybe not.
>> I found another interesting little Linux tool:  skippy.  Supposed to
>> work like OSX's Expose.  I can't find the edition that handles multiple
>> virtual desktops, though, skippyxd.
> I used skippy once before, but the laptop was really not equipped
> graphically to use it. This machine works better with it.
> I'd forgotten about it until you mentioned it. It's in the repository,
> so I installed it and turned it on.
> I never found skippyd either. Or skippy-xd (for use on xorg). Since it
> didn't work well before I never bothered looking too hard. Maybe I'll
> look into it this time.

Kpager incorporates transparency (example below), yet it's quite forgiving
when it comes to CPU consumption. It only re-draws when events occur (as
well as at the start, of course). KPager is one of the reasons why I would
resist to using GNOME more often than I already do.

Windows can be dragged in KPager, not to mention that in KDE you can drag
windows through the edges and corners of the screen. When will Windows ever
be able to offer such functionality 'out of the box'?


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