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Re: Apple Continues to Muck Reputation of Unix/BSD

__/ [ Roy Schestowitz ] on Wednesday 08 March 2006 03:17 \__

> __/ [ GreyCloud ] on Wednesday 08 March 2006 02:21 \__
>> Sinister Midget wrote:
>>> On 2006-03-07, GreyCloud <mist@xxxxxxxxxxx> posted something concerning:
>>>>Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>>,----[ Quote ]
>>>>>| "An Apple Computer patch released last week doesn't completely fix a
>>>>>| high-profile Mac OS X flaw, leaving a toehold for cyberattacks,
>>>>>| experts said."
>>>>>This is one among a long series of articles, which have hit the news in
>>>>>the past fortnight. It carried on ever since that Safari execution
>>>>Gaining root access to a Mac is "easy pickings," according to an
>>>>individual who won an OS X hacking challenge last month by gaining root
>>>>control of a machine using an unpublished security vulnerability.
>>> This has to be a hoax. Oxxie Moron would have told us about this major
>>> advance on the Apphole platform.
>> I wish it were a hoax too, but like Mitnik says, those few that have an
>> unpublished or unkown to anybody else exploit are dangerous.
>> Oxturd would tell us that it just isn't so.  :-))
> Oxford is the one I had in mind when posting this...

Breaking news:


,----[ Quote ]
| "A university systems engineer in Wisconsin is inviting hackers
| to break into his Mac.
| Dave Schroeder, a senior systems engineer at the University of Wisconsin,
| launched his contest on Monday. An earlier challenge was too easy, he
| said."

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