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Re: taps4less.com

__/ [ Logician ] on Wednesday 08 March 2006 17:25 \__

> I sell bathrooms, and one of my competitors is apparently selling a lot
> via taps4less.com, by a lot I mean a large amount (think what an
> average guy earns per year, multiply by a few times, and that's the
> monthly income).
> Is there any way to see how the site is getting so much business? ie to
> check out the sources of leads?

Ideally, you would get access to that foreign server and grab the logs. That
would be the only way for the full story to be revealed. Of course it is
rarely possible and illegal too (I am being cynical here).

In practice, what you could probably do is derive estimates from channels of
traffic by looking at the competitor's placement for various search terms
and making a gross comparison based on the number of referrlas that you get
for the same query. If for some given search phrase you get a certain number
of referrals and your poisition is X, then depending on the position Y of
the competitor, you could possibly estimate how many people percolate
through that SERP to 'that other' site. There are more factor to consider
like page title, summary, etc. Other than that you could identify backlinks
and estimate how much traffic should be expected.

Lastly, remember that people over-inflate figures, so take whatever you hear
with a grain of salt.

Best wishes,


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