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Re: Palm Desktop problem (Tungsten E2)

__/ [ Fabio Bernardino ] on Thursday 09 March 2006 01:02 \__

> On Tue, 07 Mar 2006 04:59:54 +0000, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Have you considered moving the data from drive D onto a place which is
>>reachable to Palm Desktop (typically under the "Palm Desktop" level of the
>>tree, under progra~1)? Also consider overwriting Palm Desktop's default
>>path for data with the old chunks of accumulated data. Before going any
>>further, it is important that you backup (and duplicate) these files which
>>resides on drive D.
>>Hope it helps,
> --
> Fabio Pereira Bernardino
> Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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> Thank you !!!
> I reinstalled Palm Desktop but when changing the data directory to
> d:\palm i got an error message saying it was used by another user.
> So i created a dummy user, deleted this directory (d:\palm ), then
> moved the dummy user data directory to D:\palm and all my data was
> back.
> What i noticed is that if you have Docs2Go, you have to reinstall so
> it appears in Palm Destop launch bar. Is there a way to put Docs2Go
> icon there without having to reinstall ?

I suspect the only way would involve swapping of files and system registry
entries. Nothing too trivial would achieve this.

Glad to have helped,


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