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Re: Microsoft's Live.com

On Thu, 09 Mar 2006 06:54:48 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [ Who Turned Off The Lights? ] on Wednesday 08 March 2006 17:44 \__
>>> http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2006/03/08/microsoft-lies/
>> <quote>
>> Microsoft says it expects more than 400 million PCs to be running Vista
>> within 24 months of the launch. Block said the goal is to reach a rate
>> within that time where more than half of the machines are running some
>> premium version of the OS.
>> </quote>
>> uhuh, reminds me of XBox 360. Something which never met their claimed
>> expected goals. 'least not within the time within which they stated.
> Failed big time in Japan.

Well, the stores here should be stocked pretty soon and I think I'm gonna
get one. It's been years since I played any sort of computer/video game so
let's see about my possible addiction.


>> PS, will this be on your RSS file(s)? I just checked and call me slow, I
>> just don't get it yet. :-(
> There is just one feed that corresponds to a newsgroups there. It's AISE, but
> I rarely look at it from the feed reader. RSS readers are poor when it comes
> to enabling participation.
>> Shouldn't your post be showing up there right now? I do see the "Microsoft
>> is taking Aim" thread.
>> Please do educate me.
>> 'and thanks again Roy! :-)
> Don't know what for, but I'll take it. *smile*

It's really amazing. I can't believe I'd spent so much time without this.
'been canvassing my fave online magazines and more. 'loads of fun!

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