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Re: Working with all three platforms ...

__/ [ Alex ] on Thursday 09 March 2006 15:35 \__

> Hi All,
> This is just a general collection of thoughts I thought I'd share.
> I've been a computer enthusiast all my life, and I've worked with about
> every popular platform from the TRS-80s and Commodores of days past,
> MS-DOS, Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, you name it.  Over the years I've
> most definitely had my advocacies of which OS I prefer, but now that I
> use all three platforms every day I thought I'd post some general
> comments on my experiences and thoughts.
> Just some background...  I moved from my Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 3
> (which I used for a number of years) to the Microsoft world around 1990
> when I bought my first 8088 XT running MS-DOS 3.3, and from there I
> evolved up the MS-DOS ladder then to Windows around 1992 with Windows
> 3.0 and on.  In college during the late 90's I was introduced to Unix
> then Linux, and I fell in love with the power of Bash and other shells.
>  After working with Unix and Linux for a number of years in college,
> around 1999 I moved all my personal computers to Linux leaving Windows
> only to be used at work.  I had zero regrets, and Linux worked
> perfectly for 100% of my needs.  At work however, managing several MS
> SQL databases, using Crystal Reports, and running many Windows-only
> apps, Windows was my only option.
> My use of Linux at home continued for about 5 years until I bought a
> used PowerMac G4 from a friend, and my love for OSX began.  I used Macs
> in high school during the 80's and early 90's, but I never cared much
> for them since my thinking was a powerful command line meant a powerful
> OS.  Mac's Pre-OSX didn't have this, so I never gave them a second look
> until OSX with Unix at its core.  In 2004 at home I moved all my day to
> day stuff to OSX while still running my file server, web server, and
> other server-apps on Linux.  At work however I continued to use Windows
> for everything, though I keep a Linux box on hand for automated
> scripts.  I'm still much better at writing complex scripts in Shell
> Script then whatever scripting languages Windows offers.
> So now it's 2006, and looking back at my 20 years of working with
> computers I've seen my life interweaved in all three platforms.  I've
> fought on the Advocacy fronts of all three at some point, but in hind
> sight I see how each platform has its power and weaknesses.  I love the
> flexibility of Linux, the look and feel plus the ease of use of OSX,
> and the application base of Windows.  For me I wish I could cherry pick
> the features of all three platforms to form that perfect OS, but
> that'll never be possible.
> As of right now if I had to pick only one OS to use leaving the other
> two behind, it'd be Mac OSX hands down, but ask me this again in 6
> months to a year and I might answer differently.  I think folks needs
> to pick the OS that fits their needs, and at this point OSX does this
> for me...  but as I said, give me time and this might change as my
> needs change.
> Take care, and thanks for your time ...
> Sam

Sam?!?! Isn't your name "Alex"?

> X-HTTP-UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1;
> en-US; rv: Gecko/20060111

Will give the benefit of the doubt and assume you post from work. Still
smells somewhat fishy.

Best wishes nonetheless! You made many valid points.

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